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Trisquel Developer's Cookbook.
by Salman Mohammadi


Welcome to the Trisquel Developer's Cookbook, an introductory guide written to help new users get started with Trisquel development.

Currently in Beta.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • welcome
    • what you should expect from this tutorial
  2. Steps to contribute
    • find a bug
    • register on gitlab instance
    • modify or create a new package helper
    • test your code locally
    • publish your code to your own git repo
    • merge request
  3. Basics of git
    • installing and configuring git
  4. Basics of sed
    • installing sed
  5. Package helpers
    • what are package helpers?
    • a minimal package helper
    • package helper name
    • different types of package helpers
  6. Ubuntu purge
    • what is ubuntu purge
    • removing upstearm packages not needed
  7. Conclusion


Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Salman Mohammadi

The contents of this cookbook are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (v. 1.3 or any later version) with no invariant sections. The codes are dual licensed under GNU General Public License (v. 2 or any later version) or GNU Free Documentation License (v. 1.3 or any later version).

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to open an issue.

Thanks for reading!